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401k Plans

Almega Wealth Management offers a turnkey 401k Plan solution for entrepreneurial small business owner clients.  The plans are simple to administer, extremely cost effective, and integrate with your existing payroll provider.  

The key benefits of our 401k solution:

  1. No minimum plan assets with extremely low administrative fees.
  2. Automatic employee enrollment with simple payroll integration.
  3. Low-cost index and passive institutional mutual funds.
  4. Advisor managed or self-managed options with no transaction fees.
  5. Traditional and Roth 401k options available to employees.
  6. Employees have access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️

To schedule a initial phone or virtual meeting to learn more about Almega Wealth Management’s 401k offering please contact Bryan Wisda at (480) 770-4700 or via email at [email protected].