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Our Investment Philosophy


In everything we do, we believe in challenging the traditional approaches to investment management and financial planning.


In the mid-2000s, Bryan left a “Wall Street” firm to embrace a relatively new approach to investing, rejecting traditional investment management theories, becoming an early adopter of passive investment management


Our investment approach is based on the academic works of Prof. Eugene Fama (U.Chicago), who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics (2013), along with Prof. Kenneth French (Dartmouth) who developed the 3-Factor Model and proved equity markets are multi-dimensional which can enhance returns with thoughtful diversification within these dimensions.


We take a less subjective, more systematic approach to investing. It’s an approach we can implement consistently, clients can understand, and stick with, even in challenging market environments.


Investing is about providing a successful investment experience. That means more than just returns. It means offering peace of mind because investors know that a transparent process backed by decades of research is powering every decision.


We are focused and disciplined, but must continue to nourish our own intellectual curiosity and challenge the status quo around new ideas, new technologies, and new academic research.

That’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

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