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Our Investment Consulting Offerings

Almega Wealth Management’s flagship investment consulting offering is our Passive Asset Class Investment Management program.  This is our primary investment consulting service which is provided in conjunction with our Wealth Management service offering or as a standalone solution.  We offer a total of 18 different asset class portfolios broken down into four categories, Core Wealth, Core Plus Wealth, Sustainability, and Socially Responsible.  To learn more about our Passive Asset Class Investment Management program and portfolios click here.  

We also offer 4 actively managed investment portfolios which may be utilized in coordination with our Passive Asset Class Investment Management program or as standalone separately managed portfolios.  The portfolios we offer are our S&P 500 Strangle Option Portfolio, Active Index Balanced Portfolio, Disruptive Equity Portfolio, and Dividend Value Portfolio.  To learn more about our actively managed investment portfolios click here.

Finally, we offer fully customized portfolios for those clients with unique investment management needs.  These needs can be due to concentrated equity positions, company stock options, or restricted investment management needs.  For more information on our custom investment consulting offering and a full list of situations which may require a customized approach click here.

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